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Labour preparation starts from 35 weeks. We recommend weekly treatments to help encourage the ripening of the cervix, ensure good blood flow to the placenta, and to start preparing the mother for breastfeeding. With that said, acupuncture is safe and extremely beneficial at any stage of pregnancy. Our treatments are individually tailored as needs will vary from person to person, and pregnancy to pregnancy as well as throughout different stages of pregnancy. To see if acupuncture is right for you, get in touch for a free 15 minute consultation.

Preparation before conception improves your chances of falling pregnant and carrying to term by strengthening and balancing your body. For this reason we like to work with couples at least three months prior to conception if possible, however, treatment is safe and effective at any stage of the process. During your first consult we will do a thorough health assessment and develop an individualised plan moving forward.


Acupuncture is safe and beneficial at any stage of pregnancy in supporting both the mother and baby during this important time. At Fertile Body we use a gentle Japanese needle technique and generally most patients are surprised that it not only doesn’t hurt, but that in fact acupuncture is extremely relaxing!

The theory behind acupuncture is the flow of energy, or ‘qi’ through channels called meridians, of the body. These meridians run all over the body and the points used are typically on the arms and legs, as well as the abdomen. However, during pregnancy, needles are not used on the abdomen, and some points on the hands and legs can not be used during this time either. And for the men, we do not put needles any lower than the pubic bone, just in case they are worried!

The treatment protocols will vary greatly between each patient and will depend on your level of health and where you are on your fertility journey. During your initial consultation we make a thorough diagnosis using Traditional Chinese Medicine methods and then work with you to develop the best treatment protocol for you. We see our patients weekly throughout the process, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the individual. Most people respond very well to acupuncture when diet and lifestyle changes are also made to support the process.

We have extensive experience working with all fertility clinics in Sydney. Part of what we see as the advantage of our experience in the fertility space is being able to advise if the clinic or specialist you are with is the best for your particular situation.

At Fertile Body we are excited when people try acupuncture, no matter who the practitioner is, and we are highly supportive of other practitioners in our field. Fertile Body’s founder, Sally Gole, has herself mentored many new graduates.


Your first consultation will last 90 minutes. During this time we comprehensively cover your health history and do a thorough health assessment using Chinese Medicine diagnostic techniques. In the first 60 minutes we will discuss your medical history, conduct a Chinese Medicine Health Assessment and provide you with an individualised treatment plan. In the final 30 minutes, we provide an acupuncture treatment using very fine, disposable needles. We may also prescribe Chinese herbal remedies or nutritional supplements. Follow up sessions will be no longer than 60 minutes. Get in touch for a free 15 minute consultation.

If possible bring along any relevant blood test results and scan reports. This will be used in conjunction with our own testing as part of your final assessment.

No. But do bring along any relevant medical records or history as it will be useful to review in your consultation.

Fertile Body practitioners are registered with the private health funds. If your coverage includes acupuncture you will be able to claim part of the consultation cost. We have HICAPs in house to facilitate this process, however not all funds are part of this scheme and you may need to claim separately. Please note that Chinese herbal medicines and supplements are NOT covered by the health funds.

No. Unfortunately at this time acupuncture and Chinese medicine are not covered by Medicare.

At Fertile Body we understand that life is busy and plans change. However, to help us provide a high level of customer care for all of our patients we ask that you provide at least 24 hours notice (during business hours) if you need to cancel or change your appointment time. If you do not cancel before this period you may be charged the full cost of your consult.

At the Brookvale Clinic, parking is conveniently located on site

At the St Leonards Clinic, there is ample parking in the streets around the Restore Health and Wellness Centre. Mostly it is metered parking however, 1 hour free parking is available in Mitchell Street in the one way section. You access this via Ross Street.

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