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My name is Sally Gole and I am the founder of Fertile Body, a Sydney based clinic  focusing on fertility and pregnancy. I am offering free 15 minute phone consultations to allow us to connect, for me to hear your story and see how I can support you on your fertility journey.

I am an accredited acupuncturist with over a decade of experience working with couples who are struggling to conceive and who want to improve their chances of falling pregnant and carrying to term. I also support women during pregnancy to assist with maintaining their health and the baby’s health during pregnancy, a critical time for both mum and the growing baby.

I also have extensive knowledge of Western fertility protocols and can help guide you as to what questions to ask your fertility specialist and help you navigate through what you need to do and when, such as what blood tests you should be asking for, what scans you should request and the best place to have a semen analysis done. This is critical to make sure you are doing all that you can to improve your chances and make sure nothing that could impede you falling pregnant is missed. 

Additionally, I have a special interest in working with clients who struggle with digestive and thyroid disorders are well as autoimmune diseases as I believe strongly that they can significantly impact a patient’s fertility potential.

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    My approach is holistic and I use powerful Chinese Medicine diagnosis techniques to create a highly individualised treatment protocol that incorporates acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutritional counselling and supplementation as well as lifestyle shifts to optimise your health and fertility. My treatments aim to restore balance within the body to improve a couple’s chances of falling pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy.

    So whether you are preparing to conceive your first baby, struggling to fall pregnant or are suffering from recurrent miscarriage let’s connect and have a chat…