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Donor Egg Cycles

At Fertile Body we are passionate about supporting women and couples using donor eggs to achieve their dreams of parenthood.

For women undergoing donor egg cycles, a good preconception care program can improve the chances of success as well as encourage the development in utero of a healthy baby. At Fertile Body we can guide and support you through this process. We regularly work with clinics both here in Australia, and overseas, and understand the specific medication protocols involved.

Treatments are highly individualised and use a combination of acupuncture, diet and lifestyle shifts as well as nutritional supplements to prepare you to fall pregnant, support a healthy pregnancy, and help your body cope with the medications.

We have an excellent network of support counsellors if you need to talk through some of the more complex emotions and considerations around the process of using donor eggs (and / or donor sperm). The UK Donor Conception Network is a great resource for those considering using donor sperm or eggs, and includes publications on how and when to tell your children.