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Male Infertility

At Fertile Body we are committed to providing men with expert care and compassionate support when they are dealing with a fertility diagnosis. We have worked with men who have been diagnosed with high levels of DNA fragmentation, varicocele, low sperm count (oligospermia), poor motility (asthenospermia), issues with normal forms and high levels of sperm antibodies. We are also finding that more and more men are turning to complementary therapies including Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to address their health and fertility concerns.

It is important for couples struggling to conceive to know that the average male sperm count has halved since World War Two and nearly half of all infertility cases are now attributed to male infertility or subfertility. Unfortunately, the male side of the equation is too often ignored by Western medicine, or IVF is used to circumvent it. For this reason, we encourage both partners to attend the first consultation so we can discuss any issues or recommend further testing if necessary.

Sperm are the tiniest and most fragile cells in the human body and even though it takes only one sperm to fertilise an egg, millions of sperm will undertake the journey. This journey is pretty arduous, that tiny cell must swim from the cervix to the vagina to the fallopian tube. A journey which can take between 1- 10 hours. It is only a few of these millions of sperm that will make it to the egg and once in the fallopian tube the sperm has to penetrate the egg and eggs are enclosed in a thick membrane to ensure that only the strongest sperm can enter and create a baby.

The most common causes of male infertility are related to lifestyle factors and there are a number of ways that men can improve the quality of their sperm to increase the chances of achieving a successful pregnancy. Additionally, by making improvements to a man’s diet and lifestyle and with some nutritional supplementation they may see improvements in other areas of their health and well being including increased stamina while exercising, increased libido, reduced muscular aches and pains, weight loss and improved sleep quality.

At Fertile Body we have significant experience in identifying the underlying causes of male infertility and working with our male clients to tailor treatments to their individual needs.  We can also recommend the best semen analysis laboratories as not all provide the standard of reporting that can identify underlying male fertility issues.

A great place for further information is the resource library on the Healthy Male website. The link is