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Preventing Recurrent Miscarriage

Miscarriage is an extremely emotional experience for any women to go through. Unfortunately it is also an incredibly common one, affecting one in four pregnancies.

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, there can be clear signs and symptoms that a women is at risk of a miscarriage. By improving these symptoms and preparing and strengthening the body prior to conceiving, the risk of miscarriage can be greatly reduced.

At Fertile Body we can advise when it’s time for Western Medicine testing to explore any further underlying issues that may be the cause of miscarriage. We also encourage patients to use Body Basal Temperature charting to assess their risk of miscarriage from a progesterone weakness standpoint.

High levels of DNA fragmentation within the man’s sperm can also contribute to miscarriage. This can be diagnosed by a more detailed semen analysis, which is not included in the standard fertility analysis. We can advise when and where testing should be carried out and suggest appropriate treatment if required.