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Whether you are considering starting a family or struggling to fall pregnant we are here to support you.

At Fertile Body, assisting woman and couples with fertility issues is the focus of our daily practice.

We have a wealth of experience in helping woman and couples on their journey to a healthy baby and we understand how difficult it can be when you’re trying to have a child and it is not happening as you had hoped.

We strive to be the best in our industry and recognise that many chronic or recurrent health problems, anxiety, environmental toxicity and sleep issues may cause a level of stress on the body that puts fertility right at the bottom of your body’s priorities, even in seemly healthy people. As a result, we use a comprehensive range of diagnostic techniques to tailor your treatments to your specific needs and identify any underlying health issues that may be impacting your fertility potential.

Additionally, we see a big part of the value we provide is that we help you navigate the often confusing world of ovulation timing, nutritional supplementation, fertility specialists, IVF clinics and western medicine testing. One of our motto’s is ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ and we aim to help you understand what you do need to know and the questions you need to be asking.

We work with our patients from pre-conception, during pregnancy and beyond. Supporting you through all the stages.

Our range of treatments include:

  •  Acupuncture
  • Traditional Chinese herbal remedies
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Lifestyle shifts
  • Naturopathic supplementation
  • Relaxation techniques and other natural tools

We’re located on the beautiful Northern Beaches and North Shore of Sydney, NSW.

You shouldn’t have to travel the path to parenthood alone.

From pre-conception treatment to post-delivery care, we’ll walk hand-in-hand with you throughout your entire pregnancy to ensure that you have a smooth and safe journey through to parenthood. When you’re ready to have your next child, we’ll be right here waiting to guide you through the journey, once again.

Meet the founder of Fertile Body

An accredited acupuncturist with a strong passion for women’s health, Sally Gole is a leading practitioner in the field of women’s integrative health. She combines over a decade of experience with the expertise gained from an Advanced Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help her clients thrive throughout their fertility Journey.

Her journey into Eastern Medicine began with a mission to improve her own health and wellbeing. Sally worked in a high-stress corporate role which she absolutely loved, but that was having a detrimental impact on her body. Western Doctors told her that her only option was to quit the job that she loved, but Sally knew that there had to be a better way.

On a mission for a better solution, she studied methodologies from Traditional Chinese Medicine and as she implemented what she learned, her body began to feel completely revitalised, which drove her towards her passion for the holistic approach that Eastern Therapies bring.

Sally Gole - Fertile Body

Now, she brings that same passionate energy and experience to every client she works with by blending the absolute best from the East and West to help them revitalise their bodies and have the fertility journey they truly deserve.

A registered member of the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia, Australia’s main regulatory board for the safe practice of traditional acupuncture, Sally is a strong believer of the important role that Traditional Chinese Medicine can play in treating many conditions that lead to infertility, miscarriage, anxiety and chronic illness.

Fertile Body is registered with all of the health funds and rebates may be available depending on your level of cover. We have HICAPs in house to facilitate this process, however not all funds are part of this scheme and you may need to claim separately. Please note that Chinese herbal medicines and supplements are NOT covered by the health funds.

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